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Melt is an eight-piece soul-pop group based in New York City. Drawing on a wide array of influences such as the Jackson 5, Herbie Hancock, and the Grateful Dead, Melt makes pop songs with a unique and old-school flair.

In April of 2017, Melt released their first single "Sour Candy” which landed a #5 spot on Billboard's "Spotify Viral 50" charts during June 2017. Today, “Sour Candy” has over 2 million streams across platforms. Melt has continued to release two more singles that are on a steady rise, and played several shows at east coast colleges and festivals including Southwest Invasion (Austin, TX) and the Rhode Island Music Festival.

Melt the members!

Veronica Stewart-Frommer (Vocals)
Eric Dickstein (Keys, Vocals)
Jack Florio (Guitar)
Marlo Shankweiler (Guitar)
Lucas Saur (Bass)
Nick Sare (Saxophone)
Aaron Alcouloulmre (Trumpet)
Josh Greenzeig (Drums)